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Prototype Plush Cloth 'FourtyKay - Herbal' 44" x 60" Play Area

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"Please allow 3 to 5 days for our elves to create this for you."

    Transform your tabletop battles with our premium Battle Mat crafted from high-quality plush fabric! Unlike competing mousepad battle mats, our mat is incredibly soft, pliable and has extra width and length, allowing you to easily create dynamic terrain by placing simple items, like books or magazines, underneath to represent rises and dips. The stunning high-quality graphics bring your gaming experience to life, while the natural texture of the fabric adds an extra layer of realism that sets us apart from the rest. Being easily foldable, scrunchable, ball up and throw in a backpack-able, washable, and even wear as a cape-able allows you to take this battle mat anywhere and turn any surface into a savage battlefield! Take your gaming sessions to the next level with a mat that not only enhances playability but also offers a visual feast for every adventure. Actual measurement of the mat is: 60" x 80", while the play are image is 44" x 60". *Due to variations in the production process, mats may arrive up to 3" shorter than their above listed size, thickness of fabric may vary, and image placement may be slightly different than what is shown.

    *This special release will only be avilable for a limited time!

    Prototype Plush Cloth &
    a comparison of which mat reigns supreme?
    a table with a book on top of it